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Since 1919, the Cours de civilisation française de La Sorbonne (CCFS), a member of the Robert de Sorbon Foundation, has enabled students from around the world to study French and France in the heart of Paris. With its academic heritage, it provides French language, phonetics and civilization teaching for today’s world. The courses are graded as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

rythms of the courses

From intensive courses to evening classes, the teaching
follows different paces depending on requirements and intentions

hpar semainecours intensifs
hpar semaineCours et conférences
hpar semainecours allégés
hpar semainecours du soir

Find a course

Find the right course for you from our wide selection

or consult our annual calendar of courses


For almost a century, the CCFS has been committed to quality
teaching and an exceptional learning environment.

FLE quality accreditation

The CCFS has been awarded three-star French as a Foreign Language quality accreditation (the highest rating).

Interactive whiteboards

All the classrooms have interactive whiteboards

Administrative assistance

The CCFS helps you with your visa application


The premises have disabled access throughout


Wi-Fi is available throughout the CCFS education centre

the CCFS in figures

years of experience
students since 1919


The CCFS has developed several partnerships with
key contributors to French as a Foreign Language teaching.


Located in the heart of Paris, the CCFS offers a unique
experience: exploring the French language and culture
in the world’s most beautiful city…


Our students talks about us…

« À mon avis, quand on apprend une nouvelle langue, on obtient la liberté. C’est cette liberté que m’ont donnée les CCFS et la France : ils m’ont donné l’amitié, de nouvelles expériences et la connaissance d’un monde globalisé. Merci beaucoup. »

« Thank you to the CCFS. The courses are interesting and the teachers are great. It was a busy and very educational summer, I learnt a lot. »

« When I was a kid, right the way through to university, studying French in Paris was one of my biggest dreams. So I found a programme in the U.S. that gave me the opportunity to study at the CCFS. Then my dream came true and I could concentrate on learning French. I started at the CCFS at B2 level, and right from the word go the teachers were friendly and always happy to help. The courses are thorough, including grammar and literature lessons for every level. The students in the classes come from around the world, so we share our cultures as well as the experience of learning French. I’m now preparing to sit the TCF and DALF C1, and I hope to join a French university this fall to finish my bachelor’s degree. »

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Dear student,

The health situation and government decisions have led us to close the premises of the Cours de civilisation française de la Sorbonne for an indefinite period.

The health of our students and our staff is the priority of our institution, which is united in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

In these exceptional and particularly difficult conditions, the entire teaching and administrative team remains mobilized at a distance and does what is necessary to respond to you as soon as possible. In addition, our activity continues in the form of distance learning.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and keep the hope of seeing us again very soon to share our love of the French language and civilization.