Studying French at the CCFS: environment and security in La Sorbonne district

The Sorbonne, a pleasant and lively neighborhood

Learning French at the Sorbonne is an enriching experience in many ways, and it goes well beyond acquiring language skills. The Sorbonne, located in the heart of Paris, offers an ideal environment for international students who want to master the French language while enjoying a safe, lively and culturally rich neighborhood.

Living in a neighborhood where you feel safe is a major concern for any student, especially international students. However, the Sorbonne district, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, is renowned for its tranquility. Students can confidently move around this area, whether to their classes or simply exploring the charming surrounding streets.

In addition, the Sorbonne district is extremely lively thanks to its numerous shops, cafes, restaurants and markets. International students thus have the opportunity to practice French on a daily basis while discovering places that suit their tastes and hobbies.

The Sorbonne is an emblematic place of French culture and history. By choosing to study and live in this district, international students immerse themselves in an environment that stands out for its cultural richness: museums, art galleries, theaters and historical monuments (including the Sorbonne itself! ) are easily accessible throughout the year. This allows for a French learning experience that extends beyond the classroom to encompass different aspects of French civilization.

The Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

The Cours de Civilization Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS) is a prestigious and renowned institution dedicated to teaching and promoting the French language. This institution has the privilege of being located near the heart of the historic Sorbonne district in Paris. This privileged location allows students to benefit from total immersion in the cultural and intellectual life of the City of Lights, in complete serenity.

Regarding the quality of teaching, the CCFS are recognized for their academic excellence. The teachers are experts in their field, offering high-level courses in French as a foreign language. The programs are designed to meet the needs of international students, who can take French courses designed for all levels and prepare for qualifications such as the DELF or DALF.

With more than 100 years of experience in the field of promoting the French language and civilization, the academic prestige of the CCFS at the Sorbonne is indisputable. The teaching expertise of the staff as well as the framework offered to the students gained the institution a major quality label, the FLE (France Langue Etrangère) label. The Cours de Civilisation Française de La Sorbonne attract students from all over the world who aspire to learn French and discover French culture in a quality academic setting, in a neighborhood where life is just good. For international students, La Sorbonne is an opportunity to benefit from the security and vitality of one of the most prestigious districts of Paris while improving their knowledge of the French language.

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