Social security

All overseas students spending more than three months in France and attending over twenty hours of lessons a week must register for student social security.

Registration for social security (health insurance) is free and mandatory for every foreign student with student visa.

  • with 20 hours courses per week (full time students)
  • With student visa, resident permit or valid receipt.

Registration online:

The documents you will have to upload to apply for a temporary social security number

  • identity (passport)
  • long stay visa
  • registration certificate
  • French bank information (RIB) to receive the refunds
  • Birth certificate (with name of the parents)


  • European Union students, possessing their European insurance card.
  • Students who have a job (at least 120 h per trimester without any interruption during the whole year) can be affiliated by their boss.

There is no condition of age anymore.

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