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The CCFS is is an accredited examination centre for the official national diplomas in the French language.

TCF - Test de connaissance de français

Devised by France Education International ( former CIEP), for the Ministry of Education’s request, the TCF is recognized by the Higher Education, university authorities and academic language centres in both France and abroad, as well as by the administrative authorities and various institutions teaching French overseas.

The TCF is a general French language test aimed at all non-French speakers who wish, whether for professional, personal or academic reasons, to have their knowledge of French assessed and confirmed simply, quickly and accurately.

All candidates receive an academic transcript placing them in one of six levels (A1 to C2) on the skills scale defined by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, the TCF is almost impossible to fail.
The TCF is valid for two years. It’s possible to sit the TCF several times (with a thirty day-gap between each exam).
The TCF is available in paper and electronic versions (TCF-SO).
There are several types of TCF.

TCF "tout public" (TCF-TP)

The “Tout Public” TCF is aimed at candidates who want to have their knowledge of French tested for personal or professional reasons.
The TCF-TP comprises three mandatory exams (oral comprehension, proficiency in language structures, written comprehension) and two optional exams (oral expression and written expression).

TCF "pour la demande d’admission préalable" (TCF-DAP)

The TCF specific to admission applications, known as the “TCF pour la DAP”, is aimed at candidates without the DELF B2 and DALF who want to enter the first year of a bachelor’s degree or architecture school in France.

TCF "pour l’accès a la nationalité française" (TCF-ANF)

The TCF-ANF is aimed at candidates for French nationality by marriage or naturalization. It was specifically designed for compliance with the new provisions introduced by France’s Interior Ministry (Decree 2011-1265 of 11 October 2011), which set the level of French required by applicants for French nationality at B1 (oral comprehension and expression exams).

TCF "Quebec" (TCF-Q)

The TCF for Quebec was designed to meet the requirements of the Quebecois authorities, which make taking tests and exams in standardized French mandatory as part of procedures of obtaining the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), leading to permanent visas. French citizens and French speakers are also required to apply.

For more information on TCFs, please visit the France Education International website.
The TCF Examination Centre CIEP-Sorbonne is authorised to administer all kinds of TCFs.


The CCFS is an authorized DELF–DALF exam centre. The DELF (diploma in French language studies) and DALF (advanced diploma in French language studies) are official qualifications awarded by the Ministry of Education to certify the level of international students. They are overseen by France Education International (former CIEP).


The DFP (diploma in business French) is a recognized certification in the business world which confirms the candidates’ ability to communicate in professional situations. The exam was designed by Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP).
For more information on the DFP, please visit the CCIP website.

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