With its experience and constant adaptation, the CCFS has developed exceptional expertise in teaching French.

The CCFS has developed unrivalled expertise in teaching French with a civilization component. For almost a century thousands of students from across the globe have begun or continued to study grammar and philosophy, whilst examining the fundamental aspects of French culture. This experience is combined with a constant adaptation to the current demands and formats of language learning. Interactive digital whiteboards are widely used, as are laboratories for the phonetics lessons. Targeted programmes and modules provide teaching with a focus on academic skills, business French and exam preparation (TCF, DALF, DELF, DFP, etc.).

The teaching follows a semesterly academic calendar (with twelve weeks of lessons in autumn/fall and spring). It’s assessed with an exam making it possible to measure the progress made in the semester in the four skills areas of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: written and oral production and written and oral comprehension.
The semesterly teaching is supplemented by shorter sessions. The summer courses are monthly (one, two and/or three months). A January session provides an opportunity to explore aspects of French language and culture in more detail.

Details of the courses

The CCFS provides innovative and intensive teaching, covering French language lessons, laboratory phonetics and civilization lectures.

French language and civilization courses

The French language classes are given in small groups led by experienced and qualified teachers. These language lessons make it possible to gain proficiency in all areas of French: grammar (morphology, conjugation, spelling, syntax, etc.), range and accuracy of vocabulary, and sentence building, both oral and written. Theoretical explanations are illustrated with numerous practical exercises, which are corrected in class. An approach to literary texts is also provided.

Laboratory phonetics

The phonetics lessons with laboratory work are specific to various mother tongues and aim to improve pronunciation, understanding and oral expression. An initial proficiency test makes it possible to group the students based on their unique difficulties and level of French. The various programmes centre, as required, on articulation, accentuation or intonation. Following a presentation and preparation in class, the specialist applied linguistics teacher has the students work individually in a language laboratory.

Civilization Lectures

Throughout the sessions, lectures on French society and culture are prepared by leading experts to enable students to further their knowledge of French civilization. They also provide an opportunity to perfect oral comprehension of the French language.

The majority of lectures supplement the available teaching.

Class sizes

Based on language structures and interactivity, CCFS teaching demands small class sizes. On average, there are fifteen students. The phonetics facilities limit the class sizes; the teaching in phonetics modules is particularly targeted. The lectures, which are given by experts on cultural topics, bring together a larger number of students. They have a consistent focus on interactivity. Close supervision and consistency is particularly important to the CCFS. Once the group is formed, no new arrivals are permitted to join.

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