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Explore French culture and language in the world’s most beautiful city...

France Alumni

To maintain links with France, anyone who has ever studied, trained or worked here is encouraged to create an account on the French government’s official social media

Foyer International des Etudiantes library

The CCFS student card gives access to the library of the Foyer International des Etudiantes located at 93 bd Saint-Michel. The library, which has exceptionalRead more

Cultural and sports activities

Cultural workshops and activities are regularly organized: choirs, photography workshops, literary cafés… With our outside partnerships, excursions and activities supplement the language teaching with anRead more

Student services

The CCFS is designed to create leading study conditions. The education centre includes an IT room, study room and social area with drinks machine. Wi-FiRead more

Life in Paris

Paris is the city of art and culture. The classes and lectures given at the CCFS are regularly linked to cultural events. They also immerseRead more

Coming to CCFS

The CCFS is located in central Montparnasse, a stone’s throw from the famous Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens. The education centre at 214 Boulevard RaspailRead more

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