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S35 French language, advanced course + lectures

Details of the course

From Monday to Friday, the course includes :

·         language lessons (2h/day) helping students develop their proficiency in French (grammar, conjugation, spelling, vocabulary, approach to literary texts, and written and oral expression),

·         phonetics lessons (1h/day every other week) helping students improve their pronunciation, as well as their understanding and expression,

·         Oral et written expression helping students improve this skills (4h/week),

·         weekly lectures (3 lectures, 90 minutes each)  on various aspects of French civilization.

Registration conditions:

• You must be at least 18 and have completed secondary/high school.

Registration procedures:

  • Registration is only definitive when full payment has been received (at least a month before the course starts)
  • A registration certificate, which is needed for visa applications in particular, will be provided on receipt of a down payment and presentation of administrative documents (copy of proof of identity, translation of the school-leaving certificate and passport photograph)
  • The €70 registration fee is valid for a year and can be used to register for several courses in that time

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Details of the course

20h* per week
243 hours in total
12 weeks
Teaching : French language courses (10h per week)
Phonetics with lab (5h per week, every other week)
Lectures on French civilization (4h30 per week during 10 weeks)
Oral and written reinforcement (4h per week)
Visa : Visa: student (non-EU and over ninety days)
2 750
Registration fee : 70 €

important information

  • 30% down payment on ordering
  • Registration certificate provided on receipt of the down payment and full administrative application
  • Application fees valid for 1 year
  • Payment by bank card, cheque or transfer
Important: prices are subject to change. Please check this page again before registering.
* Average hours per week
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