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E150 – Intensive French

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From Monday to Friday, this formula offers:

• language courses that allow students to progress in the mastery of French (grammar, conjugation, spelling, vocabulary, approach to literary texts, written and oral expression)

• phonetics courses that allow students to improve their pronunciation, but also their understanding and expression.

Registration conditions:

• You must be at least 18 and have completed secondary/high school.

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  • Registration is only definitive when full payment has been received (at least a month before the course starts)
  • A registration certificate, which is needed for visa applications in particular, will be provided on receipt of a down payment and presentation of administrative documents (copy of proof of identity, translation of the school-leaving certificate and passport photograph)
  • A €35 registration fee is applicable for each course.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.


Details of the course

25/32.5h* per week
300/390 hours in total
12 weeks
Teaching : French language courses (20h per week)
Phonetics with lab (5h per week)


Registration fee : 35 euros
Registration fee may vary depending on the chosen session.

important information

  • 30% down payment on ordering
  • Registration certificate provided on receipt of the down payment and full administrative application
  • Payment by bank card, cheque or transfer
Important: prices are subject to change. Please check this page again before registering.
* Average hours per week
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