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SU40 Preparatory course for master’s degrees, professional elective (with business internship)

Details of the course

The preparatory training for the Master (SU) is a generalist training from a disciplinary point of view and specialized in linguistic reinforcement for university objectives and methodological support.

In order to allow all students to benefit from training in line with their specific project, the SU40 course, with a more professional aim, opens up the possibility of practicing an internship in a company with an agreement and specific pedagogical follow-up. The pedagogical follow-up is carried out under the direction of the CCFS, thus making it possible to go on site and to evaluate the conditions of the progress of the student internship.

The course takes place in three stages:

The search for an internship by the students, using the instructions given by the internship supervisor;
The internship agreement, where the assignments are validated and monitored with the internship supervisor and the educational management of the CCFS;
The drafting and defense of a report at the end of the internship before a jury.

The duration of the internship varies according to the agreement established between the company and the student intern. It can range from a period of three months full-time, after the end of the course, from June to August, to a period of six months, part-time, during the course.

The remuneration/gratification of the internship is to be defined with the company when creating the internship agreement.

Ce cours est ouvert à partir du niveau B2. Le nombre de places est limité. Un entretien de motivation est organisé pour tout candidat.

Registration conditions:

• You must be at least 18 and have completed secondary/high school.

Registration procedures:

  • Registration is only definitive when full payment has been received (at least a month before the course starts)
  • A registration certificate, which is needed for visa applications in particular, will be provided on receipt of a down payment and presentation of administrative documents (copy of proof of identity, translation of the school-leaving certificate and passport photograph)
  • A €35 registration fee is applicable for each course.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.


Details of the course

20h* per week
236 hours in total
12 weeks
Teaching : French language classes (10h per week)
Methodology (6h per week)
Research tutorials (2h per week)
Applied linguistics (4h per week during 5 weeks, every other week)
Lectures on French civilization (as a free listener)
Individual supervision (business internship)


Registration fee : 35 euros
Registration fee may vary depending on the chosen session.
Visa : Visa: student (non-EU and over ninety days)

important information

  • 30% down payment on ordering
  • Registration certificate provided on receipt of the down payment and full administrative application
  • Payment by bank card, cheque or transfer
Important: prices are subject to change. Please check this page again before registering.
* Average hours per week
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