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TCF TP Mandatory test


Devised by the CIEP, the public body responsible for international affairs, at the Ministry of Education’s request, the TCF is recognized by the Directorate for Higher Education, university authorities and academic language centres in both France and abroad, as well as by the administrative authorities and various institutions teaching French overseas.
The TCF is a general French language test aimed at all non-French speakers who wish, whether for professional, personal or academic reasons, to have their knowledge of French assessed and confirmed simply, quickly and accurately.

All candidates receive an academic transcript placing them in one of six levels (A1 to C2) on the skills scale defined by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, the TCF is impossible to fail.
The TCF is valid for two years. It’s possible to sit the TCF several times (with a thirty day-gap between each exam).
The TCF is available in paper and electronic versions (TCF-SO).


The “Tout Public” TCF is aimed at candidates who want to have their knowledge of French tested for personal or professional reasons.
The TCF-TP comprises three mandatory exams (oral comprehension, proficiency in language structures, written comprehension).


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