Preparatory course « Art market and cultural production »

With ou without option Bachelor 1 equivalent IESA art&culture.

CCFS and IESA art&culture created a unique program that combines French language and phonetics instruction with courses on European culture.

This program equips students with the skills needed to get a French degree in the field of art and culture (the art market, cultural management, multimedia, theatre, and cinema)… It strengthens students’ linguistic and cultural knowledge while equipping them with tools needed to face educational and professional challenges.

The Option Bachelor equivalent (annual program) can give direct access to the second year of Bachelor at IESA art&culture.

Classes take place at the IESA and the CCFS premises located in the heart of Paris, which facilitates cultural outings to galleries and museums.

Course details

• 24h per week
• 540h total
• Les cours sont dispensés en français (niveau B1 requis).

4150 euros (per semester)
7900 euros (per year)
With Bachelor option + 1900 euros


• Language with CCFS and phonetics courses with labs), which should allow students to attain the B2 language level required for all studies in France
• Cultural Knowledge (classes, conferences, and outings sessions to experience Paris cultural life)
• Introduction to specializations (gives students a preview of their future field of expertise)
• Methodology (provides students with the necessary skills to strengthen their learning abilities and to adapt to academic assessments)

Practical infos

• Starts (depending on the options): October, January, February, May or June

• Admission : December

• Visa : students
(non-UE and over ninety days)

Details of the course

French (Cours de civilisation française de la Sorbonne)

Languages courses (grammar, conjugation, spelling, vocabulary, literary texts, written and oral phrases)
Phonetics courses with labs

Specialized Classes at IESA

Cultural Visits
History and Civilization
Cinema & Theatre
Conference & Introduction to specializations
Applied English

Option Bachelor equivalent 60 ECTS credits

Only for the students in one-year program class. Admission and registration in December during an interview .
• Advanced language course
• Academic methodology
• Auditing specialized courses
• Preparing for the test TCF
• Personalized follow-up

Registration conditions

Application form
• CV and Motivation letter
• Copy of passport
• Copy of highest degree completed with official transcripts translated in English or French
• Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
• French Language Certificate: TCF, DELF…

Interview and confirmation:
The Admission Committee evaluates each applicant’s profile carefully and makes a decision after an interview.

Subscription request

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