Due to the health situation and in the context of the fight against Covid-19, the Cours de civilisation française de la Sorbonne have closed their premises. Language and phonetics lessons, conferences on French civilization are no longer held in our rooms.


However, we have not interrupted our work and the classes are all provided today in a virtual mode. Because, having anticipated this inevitable situation, we were prepared for it. We did not want our students to see their educational projects interrupted and their study calendars to be disturbed by a situation the duration of which no one can know.


All of our teachers were prepared to set up distance learning, which is already working. Teachers at each level coordinated and shared their teaching materials. We organized internal training courses in distance education. Tools such as Itslearning or Zoom are used, as is the circulation of educational documents by email or like videoconferences between teachers and students. The teaching material takes various forms: texts in Word or PDF formats, images, audio recordings for phonetics, filmed teaching sequences, voice-over powerpoints for lectures, etc.


The Cours de civilisation française de la Sorbonne, which is a century-old establishment, is taking up the challenge of a new education today and which will not fail to lead to a diversification of our methods.

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