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The importance given to French civilization and culture defines the unique approach of the French Civilization Courses of the Sorbonne.


More than just language courses, the CCF of the Sorbonne invite its students to immerse themselves in their learning of the language but also the richness of French culture. A key tool for perfecting your mastery of French, the Conferences explore the works, ideas and historical figures that have marked French civilization.

The lectures will allow you to deepen your knowledge of French civilization while improving your oral understanding of the language. Explore your passion for French culture and civilization while enriching your vocabulary and general knowledge. All lectures are taught by eminent specialists in literature, history, art and contemporary society. Complementary to training, they provide students with an additional opportunity to immerse themselves in French culture from anywhere in the world.

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Learning French is above all an initiation into a rich, diverse and millennial cultural universe.

The French language, a former diplomatic language, is the key which opens the doors of French civilization, its art, its literature, its ideas ... By joining the CCF of the Sorbonne, you join not only a century-old institution but also a united international community through his passion for French culture. Throughout your training with the CCF of the Sorbonne, your teachers will animate their courses with extracts from literary works, works of art and history. They will allow you to work on the language while placing it in its cultural context and thus allow you to deepen your mastery of French.

“Thanks to the CCF at the Sorbonne, I improved my knowledge of the French language and culture. ”, Julius W.

the art of living

Learning French is above all an initiation into a rich, diverse and millennial cultural universe.

Art, literature, poetry, yes, but not only that... What would France be without its gastronomy, its wine or its good manners? French life, often portrayed romantically in the cinema, offers a French way of life that is sometimes difficult for foreigners to understand. Knowing how to cut a cheese in the right way, knowing how to adress a person ("tu" or "vous" in French), are important details that will serve to enrich your exchanges in French. Conferences give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture!

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The French as a Foreign Language Quality Label awarded 3 stars to the French Civilization Courses of the Sorbonne (CCFS), the highest mark awarded by the CIEP (now France Education International).