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You can find on this page many housing possibilities. If you want to book before arriving, you can contact through the following links :


- Live with other students from the Sorbonne :

Confort of Home Paris Comforts of Home Paris is proud to partner with the Sorbonne – CCFS to offer its students shared, furnished apartments. Comforts of Home manages over 200 apartments within the city of Paris, all of which have a size and layout that lend themselves to sharing, providing common spaces that are accessible to all residents.


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Comforts of Home Paris
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Comforts of Home Paris
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Comforts of Home Paris




- Housing for international students

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Housing Anywhere
As a student from our institution, you can find a book safely your future accommodation in Paris on It is a platform where landlords, host families and students who have a room available list their place to rent out. All the rooms are suitable for international students.


- Host families :

Accommodation in host families for students to Paris


- Students residence :


- Estate agency :


And also...

Roommate :