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The Sorbonne’s French Language and Civilization Courses (CCFS), organized by the Robert de Sorbon Foundation, is the most prestigious French language program in Paris. Since 1919, the CCFS has been admitting students from all over the world, from true beginners to professors of French as a Foreign Language.

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The Sorbonne’s French Language and Civilization Courses provide French language courses with phonetics and French civilization lessons. They also offer specialized modules and preparation for tests and internationally recognized exams (TCF, DELF, DALF), which facilitate admission to French universities.

Our learning center is located at 214 Boulevard Raspail (Paris, 14th arrondissement), in the heart of the prestigious Montparnasse district. The secretariat is ready to welcome you and answer all your questions.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards (IWB) and our phonetics labs have cutting-edge IT technology. Internet access is provided by a Wi-Fi network that spans the entire building.

- You can find additional information about the CCFS here: français, English, Español



the Courses


1. Basic Course

Our reference formula “[S20] Full Course” consists of 20 hours a week and meets the majority of students’ needs. It offers:

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  • language courses that enable students to master French (grammar, conjugation, spelling, vocabulary, literary texts, written and oral phrases),
  • phonetics courses with labs, enabling students to improve their pronunciation as well as their comprehension and expression,
  • lessons in the amphitheater on various aspects of French civilization.

In order to suit your needs and intentions, the formula is made available at various speeds, from intensive courses to evening courses:

  • Intensive language courses, 25 hours/week: [S40]
  • Courses that include civilization lessons, 20 hours/week: [S20]
  • Courses with supplementary language lessons, 20 hours/week: [S40]
  • Lighter courses, 12 hours/week: [S10]
  • Evening courses, 6 hours/week: [S05]

Various options can be combined with the four formulas: specializations in “French in a Professional Setting”, “Business French”, “Civilization”, etc.

We also offer university prep classes to level B2 students and above: preparation for bachelor’s and master’s admissions – literature, law, and economics specializations.

- You can find additional information about our main courses here: français, English, Español


2. Additional Modules

Alongside our standard formulas, we also offer many modules that can be selected either in conjunction with course registration, or independently. There are two types of modules:

  • French language improvement: written communication, oral communication workshops, conversation, phonetics, academic methodology, theater workshop, civilization classes, courses on culture, French civilization, medical French, etc.
  • Preparation for tests and national certifications for admission to French universities (among others): TCF, TEF, DELF, DALF, etc. The CCFS exam center is accredited for acceptance to TCF (with TCF formula on the computer) and DELF-DALF.

- You can find additional information about our main modules: français, English, Español



The Exam Center


The Sorbonne’s French Language and Civilization Courses also have an official exam center for taking the TCF, DELF, and DALF French national exams.

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Our exam center consists of two hubs: the TCF (French Knowledge Test) hub and the DELF-DALF (Diploma in French Studies – Diploma in Advanced French) hub. These tests are designed to assess general French language level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). They are aimed at anyone wishing to assess and validate their knowledge of French—for professional, personal, or academic reasons—in a simple, reliable, and fast way.

- For detailed information: français, English, Español





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The CCFS guarantees the quality of its instruction through:

  • a placement test for entrance into the appropriate class level.
  • a personalized monitoring from one single teacher who provides instruction throughout the entire session.
  • potential issuance of ECTS transfer credits.

The instruction quality has been recognized by the FLE quality label, issued by the CIEP.

- You can find additional information about education at CCFS here: français, English, Español






Courses are held throughout the year, with four main periods:

Fall semester: 4-month course, from September to December (12 weeks of class)
Short Fall session: 8-week course, from October to the end of November
Winter session: 1-month course in January
Spring semester: 4-month course, from February to May (12 weeks of class)
Short Spring session: 8-week course, from February to April
Summer sessions: 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-week courses (June, July, August)

- You can find additional information about our various course dates here: français, English, Español





You must be at least 18 years old and have obtained your high-school diploma.

Residence Permit:

  • For European Union countries (as well as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland): proof of identity.
  • For those who need a student visa (namely, more than 90 days, non-EU), the registration certificate must be presented to the consular authorities. This certificate is automatically sent once online registration is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: students who register for a Autumn session, and would like to participate in the Spring session as well, are absolutely required to register for the Autumn AND Spring sessions before applying for a visa. One single registration (Autumn session) will not allow you to obtain a long-stay student visa or participate in the Spring session, since you will be obligated to return to your country at the end of the Autumn session.

- You can find additional information about registration here: français, English, Español



Coming to Paris


Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne
French Language and Civilization Courses at the Sorbonne

  • Raspail Center
    Address: 214, Boulevard Raspail - 75014 Paris
    Metro: Vavin or Raspail (M4)


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Raspail Center

The CCFS building, renovated in 2013, is located at 214 Boulevard Raspail in the 14th arrondissement. It consists of over 6,000 m², 40 classrooms, and 7 floors, all equipped with the latest technology, and dedicated to French-language instruction. You will find all the services necessary to facilitate your student life on site.

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1. Nurse’s office
2. Cultural services
3. CCFS secretariat
5. Administrative support
6. Conference room
7. Computer labs
8. Study halls
9. Residence hall
10. ATMs